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Dual Plate Wafer Type Check Valve

Dual plate check valves widely used for the basic piping, water and various piping.
Wafer design. Clamped between flanges with bolting around outside of valve.
Dual plate check valves is simple and compact, long life and high reliability.
Variety of Body Designs Available - Wafer Type, Lug Type ,Double Flange Type and Soild lug type.
Wafer body valves are designed with flangeless bodies with short face-to-face dimensions per API 594
Duo check Valves are clamped between mating flanges which are connected by studs(bolt) and nuts.

The dual plate check valves has two spring loaded half-moon shaped discs that rotate about their shaft. The disc plates are kept shut by the torsion spring. When fluid flows in the forwards direction, the pressure of the fluid causes the disc plates to hinge open, allowing flow. Dual plate check valve is closed by the spring as soon as flow ceases, before any reverse flow can occur.

Dual plate check valve Featutes
1.Small in size,light in weight,compact in structure,easy in maintenance.
2.Two torsion springs are used excerting on each of the pair valve plates.Which close the plates quickly and automatically.
3.The quick-close action prevents the medium from flowing back and eliminates water-hammer effect.
4.This valve is short in length,so that it is rigid and easy to mount.
5.It is easy to install on pipeline which is laid horizontally or vertically.
6.This valve is tightly sealed without leakage under the pressure water test.
7.Safe and reliable in operation,high interference-resistance.
8.The connection dimensions of flanges accord with the standards of GB4216-84 GB4216.84
9.The face to face dimensions are in accordance with GB12221-89.ISO5752-82.The stem of the valve should be perpendicular to the horizontal level when the valve is mounted on horizontal pipeling.For vertical installation the direction of flow should be downward.

wafer Dual-plate  check valve

Design description of API 594 Dual Plate Check Valves:                              

One piece body                                                                         

Butterfly swing type
Dual-plate disc, Long-pattern
Renewable split disc
Hotizontal or vertical service
Wafer ends
Available with flanged ends

Design Standard of Dual Plate Check Valves:

Design and manufacture:API594,API 6D,ASME B16.34,DIN3356, JB/T8937

Face to face:API 594,API 6D,DIN3202,JB/T8937

End Flange: ASME B 16.5/ASME 16.47,DIN2543-2545,JB/T9112~24

Pressure Temp: ASME 16.34

Test: API598 , ISO5208,DIN3230, JB/T9092

Special : NACE MR-01-75

Material: WCB,LCB,WC6,WC9,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M

Installation: horizontal / vertical with down-up flow direction. In horizontal position, the axis must be placed in vertical position. In vertical position, the plates must be opened in the same flow direction. Downstream, a piping of minimum length 5 times diameter, to be installed before the valve, and a pipe of minimum length 2 times diameter after the valve, to allow stabilization of flow and recovery. Installation between counter flanges.

Application:Water supply ,Heating,conditioning systems,Pumping stations , Waste water treatment plants,Irrigation.

Wafer Dual plate  check valve  main material list

No. Part name Material
1 Body A105 CF8 CF3(304L) CF8M CF3M(316L)
2 Disc CF8 CF8 CF3CF3 CF8M CF3M
3 Stem 2Cr3 304 304L CF8M CF3M(316L)
4 Spring 0Cr18Ni9 0Cr18Ni9 00Cr18N10 316 0Cr17Ni14Mo2
Suitable medium W.O.G.etc HNO3,CH2OOH etc.
Suitable Temperature -29-425℃ -196-540℃

metal seat dual plate check valve

dual plate check valve

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